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   Road Roller LG518A, LG520A, LG522A/CDM518A, CDM520A, CDM522A
Road Roller  
Products : Road Roller LG518A, LG520A, LG522A/CDM518A, CDM520A, CDM522A
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 Road Roller LG518A, LG520A, LG522A/CDM518A, CDM520A, CDM522AApplications
Highway construction and maintenance
Walkways, bicycle and cart paths
Parking lots
Asphalt repairs and resurfacing Road Roller Specifications
Model LG518ACDM518A LG520ACDM520A LG522ACDM522A
Operating Weight (kg) 18000 20000 22000
Length*Width*Height (mm) 6350×2300×3400 6145×2300×3400 6145×2440×3400
Weight Burden: Front Drum (kg) 8800 9500 10500
Weight Burden :Rear Wheel (kg) 9200 10500 11500
Static Linear Load (N/cm) 405 435 475
Min. Turning Radius (mm) 6300
Travel Speed (km/h) 2.45/4.75/8.66 2.5/5.3/8.6 2.6/5.3/8.6
Gradeability (%) 30
Vibration Frequency (Hz) 28
Nominal Amplitude (mm) 1.9/1.0
Centrifugal Force (kN) 330/190 351/200 400/225
Engine Model D6114ZG2B D6114ZG11B
Min. Fuel Consumption (g/kw·h) 223
Rated Power (kw/rpm) 128/2000 136/2000
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 280
Vibration Pump Imported Variable
Vibration Motor Piston Type
Steering Model: Imported Variable Piston Type
Axle Type Hydraulic Steering Middle Reduce+ Wheel Hub
Tyre 23.1-26 8PR
Service Brake Type Air-Over-Oil Disc Brake on Rear Axle
Parking Brake Type Manual Operated Brake on Transmission
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity (L) 180
A/C Model TY40A
A/C Refrigerating Capacity (W) 4600
Lonking Holdings Limited is a major road roller manufacturer in China. We also produce wheel loaders, forklift trucks and excavators, in addition to road rollers. These products are reliable, economical, user-friendly, and are extensively used in many industries, like mining, construction, municipal engineering, port, agriculture, forestry, etc.
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lonking, hllonking, hllonking.vn, Hoa Liên Thành Đô, Chengdu Hualian Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd

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